Our Journal offers you the opportunity to sneak behind the scenes, meet our collaborators, read our musings and reflections, and learn more about how we work.

Remembering Anthony Crickmay

We are so sad to hear of the death of renowned photographer Anthony Crickmay and deeply grateful for the generous part he played in the development of Candoco’s profile and career.
I am interested in our personal level of engagement, not only in dance but towards all things in life, I see the understanding and knowledge of how our body works in relation to the world as being very individual, but mostly important and as essential for our own learning, participation and commitment towards everything around us.
Toke Broni Strandby

Highlights of 2019

It’s been an incredibly busy year.  The company has been on the road from Hull to Poole, in the studio, our learning and youth programme has gone from strength to strength and we’ve worked with some wonderful artists, teachers and practitioners. We have been reflecting on our favourite moments here at Candoco HQ and we wanted to share some of the highlights.