Candoco’s company of dancers is dedicated to making, performing and teaching outstanding dance in the UK and internationally.

Our dancers have arrived at Candoco from all over the world, at different moments in their careers, and with a diverse range of interests and ambitions. While they are attracted to the opportunity to create work by some of the world’s most renowned choreographers and perform at an eclectic range of venues and festivals, it is Candoco’s history and experience nurturing an inclusive practice about which our dancers are often most passionate.

Whatever they are working on, our dancers are committed to showing audiences what dance can be and who can do it.

You can listen to interviews with each of our dancers as part of Creative Collages, an experimental interview series by Ben Ash. Listen here.


Ben Ash


Ben is curious to keep asking questions about how form, movement, gesture and action meet and inform one another, how they support a ‘felt’ relational exchange, and how this can become a resource for engaging the creative process and practice of performance.

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