Candoco is the sum of many parts. The individuals that make up our Staff and Board are essential to ensure the smooth running of the company.

We might be a small team but we make a big impact. Bringing skills from a variety of industries and backgrounds, the Staff and Board at Candoco is a devoted group of individuals committed to making excellent productions and learning experiences. The team is dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our audiences and participants and  providing a safe and comfortable environment in which our dancers and artists can work.


Liz Charman

Head of Finance

Liz has a background in dance and has worked in a variety of roles and companies. For Candoco, she manages all aspects of the company’s financial responsibilities and, together with the Executive team, ensures the financial sustainability of the company.

Kitty Fedorec

Finance Administrator

Kitty has been a Candoco Artist and facilitator since 2011. They are also an AAT qualified bookkeeper. As Finance Administrator they ensure that the day-to-day financial operations are up to date and running smoothly.

Angie Goddard

General Manager

Angie joined Candoco in early 2020, and has supported the team across a wide range of areas since. As General Manager, she is responsible for ensuring the company runs as efficiently as possible.

Kat Hawkins

Independent Researcher

Kat is a PhD researcher at C-DaRE, partnered with Candoco Dance Company to look at the role of an understudy in inclusive dance. Funded by M4C.

Louisa Sutherland

Access Coordinator

Louisa joined Candoco in Summer 2022. With a background in dance her role in Candoco is to make sure the company is accessible to all of those involved.


Nelson Abbey

Board Member

Nelson Abbey joined the Board of Trustees in 2018. He is a media executive and writer based in London.

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