Would you like to reach digital audiences with your work?

Candoco Dance Company
Open Online Theatre is looking to give free support and mentorship to a disabled artist seeking to reach digital audiences with their work.

How can we create an impact on our audiences in the digital space?

Open Online Theatre is offering an emerging or mid-career disabled artist support and mentorship in choreographing/performing for up to 4 live streaming cameras, technical skills, harnessing audiences via social media, monetisation of work, and business entrepreneurship for a sustainable career.

As well as training and mentorship this offer also includes inclusion in the 2-day CLICKLiveFestival to be seen by curators and audiences globally. This is a program spanning 12 weeks starting from the end of June and ending with the CLICKLive Festival in September 2020.

Artists interested in the potential of creation with the digital and with a piece of work already in mind for this period will be ideal.

If this sounds like you, then please contact daniele.minns@ijaddancecompany.com.

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