By Laila Diallo
Husk is a site specific dance work by choreographer Laila Diallo created for the Kettle's Yard re-opening exhibition, Actions in 2018.

In this work the dancers’ meander throughout the gallery, their movements respond to or ‘agitate’ the spaces, other visitors’ bodies and the surrounding artworks. Laila was inspired by a letter exchange between sculptor Naum Gabo and critic Herbert Read – the starting point for the Actions exhibition:

Choreographer’s Notes

I was inspired by these words: “…dropped like a foreign substance in an agitated sea, it might, without losing either its identity or its purity, effect a transformation both rich and strange.” I wondered, in relationship to this, how our bodied, breathing and feeling presence might alter the site of this exhibition? What new connections to the place and to the works within it might it bring to bear? Or to light? In thinking about how the image of the world can be different, we came to talk about the visible and the invisible. Being seen, become visible being/becoming invisible. Inviting a gaze… Returning the gaze… Altering the gaze. Our work was very much informed by these considerations.

Production details

Concept, Choreography & Direction:

Laila Diallo


Anne-Gaëlle Thiriot and Kathleen Hawkins


Jules Maxwell

Co-commissioned by

Kettle's Yard

With thanks to

Dr Jenny Powell at Kettle's Yard and David L Hone



Running Time

1 hour


All ages


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