CAT Summer Intensive

July 2018 Held at The Place, artists Andrew Graham and Annie Hanauer led a summer intensive on students from the Centre for Advanced Training. The week then ended with the group performing at the Robin Howard Theatre, The Place.

This summer intensive allowed students to have a company experience. Class styles were improvisation and set exercises inspired by Trisha Brown and Rosalind Crisp. The week allowed the students to focus on their development on musicality, coordination, articulation, contact and moving as ensemble.


Andrew Graham is a Franco- British dance artist and inclusive dance teacher. Having graduated from Trinity Laban in 2010 he has gone to work as a dancer for Candoco Dance Company (2013-2016) and in 2013 was appointed on Independent Dance’ advisory board which became a board of directors in 2016. Other works Andrew has been a part of include: Trisha Brown, Emanuel Gat, Rosalind Crisp, Jerome Bel and  Alexander Whitely.

He continues to work as an inclusive dance teacher, a Candoco- artist and a choreographer.


Annie Hanauer grew up in Minnesota where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Minnesota. She then moved to London where she joined Candoco Dance Company where her first piece with the company was at the Beijing Olympics. Other works with choreographers are: Hofesh Shechter, Nigel Charnock, Wendy Houston, Emmanuel Gat, Rachid Ouramdane, Marc Brew, lea Anderson and Claire Cunningham. Annie left the company in 2014 but has worked in Candoco’s ‘Miniatures’ and the Candoco Artist Programme.

Being a contemporary dancer means that we are always confronted to discover new ways of moving and articulating the body. Our approach to technique has to always grow and develop in order to provide ourselves a training that is adapted to each choreographer’s style.
Andrew Grahm
I like seeing each dancer’s personality come out as they respond to a given task or exercise. It’s a joy to encounter young dancers who are hungry to learn, self- motivated and hard working. For me, teaching deeply informs my work as a performer and maker; all the elements of my practice are connected.
Annie Hanauer

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