Dominic Mitchell

Co-Artistic Director
Dominic Mitchell (MFA) is an award-winning choreographer, dramaturg, and dance educator with over a decade of expertise in the not-for-profit industry. He specialises in cultural arts, community dance, and liberatory practices.

Dominic is originally from the state of Michigan, USA, with his primary professional experience centred in the Kalamazoo and Detroit, Michigan areas. His training background encompasses diverse dance companies and communities, focusing on African diaspora practices and modern/contemporary dance.

He is certified in the Katherine Dunham Technique and has received training in Aesthetic Education from Education for the Arts. His passion encompasses both dance-making and community cultivation, using dance as a vehicle for ancestral connection and critical theory.

As a Co-Artistic Director, Dominic co-leads the overall artistic vision of Candoco. He is responsible for curation, leading community engagement/collaborations, and generating educational opportunities. In addition, he supports the company’s development and equity efforts.

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