Time is passing. That, we can rely on. Time flies, drags, suspends. Time heals, wears us down. We waste time, chase time, cherish time. It leaves its mark.

Cuckoo is a new visually striking and playful dance film from Candoco Dance Company, inspired by a bespoke prosthetic leg created by Sophie de Oliveira Barata of The Alternative Limb Project, for dancer Welly O’Brien. This unique limb is carved from cherry wood and features a working cuckoo clock and pendulum.

This short choreography for camera is a reflection on our changing experience of time passing, set to a poetic musical score by Jules Maxwell.

Cuckoo is co-produced by Sadler’s Wells and Candoco Dance Company and made in collaboration with The Alternative Limb Project.


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Production details

Directed by

Charlotte Darbyshire and Sophie de Oliveira Barata


Welly O'Brien

Filmmaker and editor

Sarah Vaughan-Jones


Jules Maxwell

Production Manager

Phil Webb


Ellie Douglas-Allen

Audio Description

Caroline Burn

Stills Photographer

Becky Dann

With thanks to

Tate Modern

Co-produced by

Sadler's Wells and Candoco Dance Company

Wood Carver

Sam Rudman


Chris Parsons


Rory Thompson

Metal Worker

Sadie Clayton

With thanks to

John Downie and Bill Bruce