Last Shelter

Sun 26 Nov – Sun 3 Dec 2023
'Last Shelter' by Jeanine Durning is off for an exciting collaboration with Arts Council Malta from the 26 November to the 3 December 2023.


This exciting new project project involves: 

– 2 workshops on Monday 27th November, connecting with local dancers
– a choreographic residency in collaboration with 3 Maltese choreographers, Chakib Zidi, Sarah Vella, Rachel Calleja, to create a unique dance piece and perform it during the Premju għall-Arti night on the 1st December at the Manoel Theatre.
– Last Shelter performance on Sunday 3rd December at Theatre Next Door celebrating this year’s International Day of Disabled Persons.

‘Last Shelter’ is a performance experiment exploring the enduring human desire to build something together.

The piece unfolds uniquely at each performance. Teetering at the edge of what could be in an ever-shifting environment, this choreography highlights the velocity and precision of each dancer’s decision-making from moment to moment, somewhere between agency and collective will. With rigour and care, the dancers surrender to and grapple with time, place and fate, finding temporary balance in provisional structures and makeshift meanings.


Choreographer: Jeanine Durning
Dancers: Anna Seymour, Annie Edwards, Ben Ash, Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome, Laura Weston, Jane Mason, Sean Murray
Set/Costume Design: Nicolai Hart-Hansen
Composer: Tian Rotteveel
Light Design: Zeynep Kepekli
Interim Creative Director: Nicky Napier
Senior Producer: Georgia Kersh
Co-Technical Stage Managers: PJ Davy
Communications Manager: Jasmin Fiori
Access Coordinator: Louisa Sutherland


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