By Nigel Charnock
In the piece Still by Nigel Charnock audiences get the chance to experience a very theatrical style of contemporary dance.

Still is anything but. Nigel Charnock’s patchwork of ideas takes the dancers in a constant whirl guided by his eclectic choice of music. There are microphones and music boxes, knickers and bondage, love and death.

The DV8 founding member and dance maverick kidnaps dancers and audiences alike into a world of love and lust, addiction and obsession – using his unique blend of morbid irony, furious entertainment and black comedy.

Still is a chaotic, wild, seriously funny piece about love and loss–a celebration of life and death written with bodies without limits.
Nigel Charnock
There are microphones and music boxes, knickers and bondage, love and death.
Katie Champling for the Huddersfield Daily Examiner, July 2008


Stine Nilsen & Pedro Machado (Artistic Co-Directors) About: Still choreographed by Nigel Charnock

With only 4 weeks to create this piece, Nigel came in like a twister, whirling up a storm of enthusiasm! Our dancers were right in there with him, trying anything from blindfolded copying of each others’ movement to improvising to the sounds of ‘Agoraphobic Nosebleed’- Nigel’s favourite music at the time.

From our initial meeting with Nigel, we knew that he had a clear vision for the piece. The title and music were already in place along with costume and lighting ideas. But don’t think that this meant a boring process! Nigel’s inspiring energy, never still, created a great atmosphere with the freedom to try anything and discover everything.

WIth methods ranging from absolutely free improvisation with no rules or themes, to choreography down to the last fingertip, Nigel offered the dancers opportunities to stretch themselves as performers. It was an enriching experience to see each dancer expose their personality, to see the human on stage, and to invite the audience into this interaction.

From ‘God Save The Queen’ to rave music, the music is definitely one way in for an audience to engage with dance. Nigel’s eclectic use of music means that there is not one story, but an emotional rollercoaster of episodes, with each section making you think about what has just gone before. With the dancers talking as well, engaging with the audience every night through open improvisation, Still is a piece that allows both audience and dancers a unique opportunity to interact.

Production details


Nigel Charnock

Lighting Design

Chris Copland

Costume Buyer

Shanti Freed

Music by kind permission

Underworld, The Doors, JS Bach, Agroraphobic Nosebleed, Leonard Cohen, The Field, The Voices of Walter Schumann, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Jane Siberry, Tracy Chapman, Joni Mitchell & Jewel Kilcher

Performed by

Annie Hanauer, Bettina Carpi, Darren Anderson, Elinor Baker, Cornella Kip Lee, Victoria Malin and Chris Owen



Running Time

35 minutes


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