By Jamie Watton
A delightful trio of playful interaction and harmony between the dancers. Energetic and colourful, Phasing by Jamie Watton will make your spirits soar.

Choreographed by British talent Jamie Watton, co-founder of Physical Recall Dance Company, Phasing weaves strands of delicate movement to create a playful and vivacious study of human relations set to an uplifting soundtrack by the Steve Reich Group.  A gentle piece for three dancers which is energetic and colourful.

The choreography’s finely calibrated recklessness is distributed equally among the company. Welly O’Brien is a star performer: at times she is flung by the more mobile dancers; at others she turns, dips, falls on her own momentum with exquisite abandon. And when wheelchair-user David Lock rakes the audience with a dark, furious gaze, it is haunting and intimidating. 
The Guardian

Production details

Choreographed by

Jamie Watton in collaboration with the dancers

Costume Coordination

Shanti Freed

Lighting Designer

Lucy Carter


‘New York Counterpoint’- Steve Reich. With kind permission of Boosey & Hawkes Music Publishers Ltd.

Performed by

Jurg Koch, David Lock & Stine Nelson


‘New York Counterpoint’ - Steve Reich With kind permission of Boosey & Hawkes Music Publishers Ltd

Performed by

Jurg Koch, David Lock and Stine Nilsen



Running Time

20 minutes


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