Parallel Lines

By Marc Brew
Marc Brew’s concept for Parallel Lines came from the lines that link – or divide – people and countries.

This is best represented by the commissioned set, which creates lines dividing the space and by the movement material, which is formal and linear. Influenced by his experience as a dancer using a wheelchair, Marc is interested in movement that is fragmented and irregular and searches in his choreography for how limitations create movement possibilities. He worked closely with the dancers to create a series of solos, duets and trios, which gradually build the piece.

Marc has used a beautiful and emotive strings score, which drives the work forward with grace, adding an epic feel to the whole piece and to the dramatic tension between the performers.

From previous work, I have seen how well Marc creates images with a lot of people on stage. He possesses an instinctive knowledge of how to group movements to play off each other visually to great effect.
Stine Nilsen, Artistic Co-Director, Candoco
It was a wonderful experience to be welcomed home to Candoco to create a new large scale work for the company, collaborating with an amazing creative team to create my visual design and drawing on the diverse talent, background and culture of each of the dancers and what they have brought to the process. Through divide and difference we bring unity and a feeling of whole.
Marc Brew, Choreographer

Production details

Concept, Choreography & Direction

Marc Brew

Set Design

Sam Collins

Lighting Design

Ben Pacey

Costume Design

Jo Paul

Music with kind permission by

‘Scenes’ by Michael Galasso (ECM Records 2001) and ‘Journey 3’ by Max Richter (Fatcat Records 2010)

Co-commissioned by

Unlimited 2012



Running Time

30 minutes


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