In Translation

By Emanuel Gat
Award-winning choreographer Emanuel Gat delights with his attention to detail to create a beautiful, fluid sextet.

The work is built as a single sequence of movement, with dancers relaying a continuous role that evolves and unfolds in duets, trios or solos. This is a relentless piece that exposes the dancers’ refined musicality, and delights with its detailed and exquisite movement.

Gat produces rich and rewarding choreography with intricate articulation and a beautiful movement style. In his working processes he allows dancers to generate movement material they are happy with, then guides them into refining their performances.

Emanuel Gat’s In Translation is a hushed abstract composition, set to Bach and interludes of silence, that deftly weaves together fluid phrases for its six dancers. There are slippery trios for the women, like silken knots unbraiding; a duet for two men is tauter, more elastic. It’s a real pleasure to watch.
The Guardian
…a pleasing slice of “pure” dance set to Bach.
The Times May 2010


If you want to see the future of dance, take a long look at Emanuel Gat.
Kansas City Star

Production details

Choreography and Lighting Design

Emanuel Gat

Costume Buyer

Shanti Freed

Performed by

Bettina Carpi, Darren Anderson, Chris Owen, Annie Hanauer, Elinor Baker and Victoria Malin



Running Time

22 minutes

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