In Praise of Folly

By Athina Vahla
A rich and evocative piece of dance theatre by Athina Vahla, inspired by the intrigues of Renaissance art.

In Praise Of Folly is pervaded by a powerful sense of beauty, coupled with a constant potential for destruction. Dark and intimate imagery, haunting movements and disquieting music make for an atmospheric performance.

Athina Vahla also worked with us in a special project with Greenwich Dance Agency to create an installation at the Borough Hall in Greenwich. Her work is epic in scale, creating evocative environments for the performers and audience to inhabit and explore. She has an interdisciplinary approach, working with a variety of collaborators across different media.

There is nowhere to hide in her work, nor any concessions to easy, sympathy-inducing politeness. Every dancer is challenged to deliver the goods full-out. The seven company members dance as if they’ve been hit by a poignant electrical charge.
Donald Hutera for South Bank Magazine
… a dream’s fuzzy surreality and yet a singular clarity of intent.
Sunday Telegraph on Labyrinth

Production details


Athina Vahla


Gail Sneddon

Lighting Designer

Mickey Mannion

Costume Designer

Eleanor Park

Sound Artist

Wajid Yaseen


Maria Koripas

Performed by

Marc Brew, Bettina Carpi, Victoria Fox, Pedro Machado, Chisato Minaminura, Stine Nilsen & James O’Shea



Running Time

30 minutes


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