Imperfect Storm

By Wendy Houstoun
A humorous, understated and theatrical work that plays havoc with Shakespeare’s The Tempest by seriously playful experimentalist Wendy Houstoun.

Renowned theatre and dance artist Wendy Houstoun combines movement with text and meaning with humour.

In an honest and down-to-earth manner, Wendy gets us to consider the purpose that movement has in society; her witty, insightful observations are communicated and expressed through Candoco’s contagious physical performance style and with humour.  Underlying Wendy’s work is her lifelong engagement with movement practice and a belief in the body. Although her current work involves more and more language, the language is entirely relevant to a physical experience. While her work challenges preconceptions about movement, her message is clear, her communication amusing, her vision of our culture uniquely interpreted and always incisive…something that fits perfectly with Candoco’s artistic vision.

A maverick to the tip of her toes, [Houstoun] seems to reinvent herself for each new work… it’s daringly brilliant
The Independent on Wendy Houstoun
It’s a humorous conceit, a confection of farcical touches, including a fabulous shipwreck based on a collapsing clothes rail, and a showcase for Daw, who actually and literally dances a storm. Brave, bright and beautiful, Candoco should be on everyone’s “must-see” list.
Jennie Macfie for HI Arts, September 2010
Wendy Houstoun’s Imperfect Storm really illuminates Candoco’s fine performers… the result is exquisitely ordered chaos in which, with typical Houstoun legerdemain, every dancer’s character is perfectly and poignantly defined. Delicious and very funny.
The Observer


Production details


Wendy Houstoun

Lighting Design

Chahine Yavroyan

Costume Buyer

Nicola Fitchett

Performed by

Bettina Carpi, Dan Daw, Annie Hanauer, Victoria Malin, Elinor Baker, Chris Owen, Darren Anderson



Running Time

23 minutes


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