Feeling Thing

By Jo Bannon
A film by artist Jo Bannon explores what happens if you are open to the vitality in things.

Matter is lively. If you play the right frequency to your kitchen table, it will explode. Your discarded Coke can will fizz as it decomposes over decades. Your iron has a certain swagger as it glides over polyester.

We human animals prefer to think of ‘things’ as inanimate, preserving our dominance over the insentient world. Feeling Thing invites you to retrain your sensitivity to the liveliness of things. It asks you to listen more closely to your fridge and pay attention to the shifting moods of the cooker flame, to explore what happens if you are open to the vitality in things.

The camera captures 3 dances, 3 intimacies, 3 duets between object and dancer. Each partner autonomous, full of personality, vibrancy and agency, an equal match for each other, lovers if you will. The ASMR sound encourages you to listen closely and sense the life in them. This dance film invites you to lean into feeling as a sensory, illogical, uncanny space where all things are alive.

Those of us with the lived experience of disability may already know something of this potential intimacy, this strange kinship, as we dance the daily duet between our bodies and the people, objects and technologies that support us. This film seeks to challenge the prevailing view of bodily autonomy or what Mel Y Chen calls ‘the fiction of independence and uninterruptability’, instead celebrating a new kind of interdependence between our bodies and the world which surrounds us.

Are we allowed to feel this way about things…these non human ‘thing’ things? If we could embrace a radical interdependence of all things, how would we change how we live together? Perhaps we would do less harm. At the very least we would reintroduce ourselves to things around us and experience them as the dancing, feeling things they are.

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About Jo Bannon
Jo Bannon is a UK based artist working in performance, choreography and live art. Her work is concerned with identity, sensory perception, and human encounter and explores how our physical bodies experience the world around us and how this sensory experience can or cannot be conveyed.  Her work is informed by her identity as a disabled woman with albinism and attempts to unpick the ways we look, hear and sense our immediate environment in order to rethink or make unfamiliar these intrinsic human behaviours.  Bannon’s work is led by form and so manifests in various mediums including intimate encounters designed for single or small audiences, staged performance, dance, film and installation.

Jo has presented work in the UK, Europe, South America, USA, China, South Korea and Australia including HAU Berlin, The Barbican, IBT Festival, Art Gallery of Western Australia, Itau Cultural Sao Paulo, The Times Museum Guangzhou and the National Theatre. Jo also works as a dramaturg, educator and writer and is a founder member of artist collective Residence.

Recent work includes Kitchen Alba (2021), Absent Tense (2020), We Are Fucked (2018), Alba (2015), Dead Line (2013) and Exposure (2011).

Reviews of Jo Bannon’s previous work

Jo Bannon’s Exposure, which questions the act of looking itself, is an extraordinary 10 minutes which considers not just how we look but what we choose to look at too.
Lyn Gardner

Jo’s work is expertly edited; it is both a joy and a treasure to be given a moment which you may feel is unique to you…It is awkward, charming, comforting and true. Words are not needed by the end and this work is certainly very special. To fully know one’s self may be impossible, but Bannon gives us a chance to explore that possibility.
Total Theatre

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Production details

A Candoco Dance Company and Jo Bannon Co-Production


Ihsaan De Banya, Olivia Edginton, Anna Seymour

Director and Choreographer

Jo Bannon

Co-Director, Camera and Editor

John Stephenson

Assistant Director

Charlotte Darbyshire


Ellie Douglas-Allan

Assistant Producer

Georgia Kersh

Director of Photography and Colourist

Jack Offord

1st Assistant Camera

Bethany Fitter

Sound Designer

Julie Rose Bower

Sound Recordist and Mixer

Rob Hart

Production Manager and Gaffer

Phil Webb

Best Boy

Gravity Randall

Access Consultancy


Audio Description

Dot Alma

Closed Captions

Julie Rose Bower, John Stephenson

Special thanks to

Jules and Mani Maxwell, Philippa and Matthew Stephenson, Cinewest, Rebecca Pierce, Mike Stoner, Harri McKenzie-Donovan, Laura Goulden, Sandy Deo



Running Time

18 minutes


12+ (some adult themes)