Last Shelter

By Jeanine Durning


Witness intimacy, virtuosity and precision in our latest work from Alpert Award winning New York based choreographer Jeanine Durning.

Last Shelter is a performance experiment exploring the enduring human desire to build something together.

The piece unfolds uniquely at each performance. Teetering at the edge of what could be in an ever-shifting environment, this choreography highlights the velocity and precision of each dancer’s decision-making from moment to moment, somewhere between agency and collective will. After a year of working invisibly through a pandemic, it is an act of intimacy to witness the labour and desire of the dancer attending to themselves and one another, in their practice.

With rigour and care, the dancers surrender to and grapple with time, place and fate, finding temporary balance in provisional structures and makeshift meanings. With sound score by composer Tian Rotteveel, light design by Zeynep Kepekli, and set/costume design by Nicolai Hart-Hansen.

Built on actions, not acting, this composition and decomposition of scenarios is strangely fascinating: the form is clear, the content is not. The ravishing, enigmatic sonorities of Tian Rotteveel’s unobtrusive score – itself a series of scenarios in sound – hold the mood of mystery. ★★★★

The Guardian

Watch our Bessie nominated performance filmed at BAM:    BAM2022!

Production details

Last Shelter is available for touring until April 2023

Set / Costumes

Nicolai Hart-Hansen


Tian Rotteveel

Lighting Design

Zeynep Kepekli


Camilla Greenwell


Dorothy Allen-Pickard

Audio description

Caroline Burn

Co-commissioned by

Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance



Running Time

40 mins


12+ (some explicit language)