A Week With Jürg Koch and Candoco Dance Company.

Candoco Artist Jürg Koch led his technique class in Universal Design of Instruction, an approach which promotes access in all areas of dance training and practice at Trinity Laban.

Jürg ‘s approach of Universal Design in dance is a result of his experience with Candoco Dance Company and his vast experience in higher education in America. It’s an alternative to disability specific approach to training and to adaptations, when a movement sequence is adapted to an individual in the group. Universal Design aims to provide a framework for learning dance which can be applied in any context, independently of the different bodies present within the student group. It does that providing skills to students and allowing tutors a clear assessment criteria.

Candoco hosted a Dancer Development Day, experiencing Jürg Koch’s approach to technique class through Universal Design of Instruction, a framework which promotes access in all areas of dance training and practice. Jürg unpacked his framework and dancers gained a deeper understanding of his inclusive approach.

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