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I think we should start over

Wed 4 – Thu 5 Oct 2023
Toronto, Canada
'I think we should start over' is going to Fall for Dance North, Canada - for Toronto's Premier International Festival! Don't miss this beautifully crafted dance performance by Jamaal Burkmar, Maiya Leeke and Caroline Lofthouse, revealing unspoken conversations and the unique patterns of communication and musicality.

I think we should start over is a new dance duet by Candoco Dance Company, in collaboration with award-winning choreographer Jamaal Burkmar.

The duet embodies the relationship between two people as they navigate the space around them and express themselves through movement and gestures.

Burkmar’s innovative choreographic approach involves using extracts from audiobooks and podcasts to explore the rhythms and patterns of sound and text. The dancers then translate these into movement, gestures and body language – which can be literal, abstract or lyrical.

I think we should start over gets curious about how people communicate with one another and the complexities of this process. It is an intricate, captivating and intimate piece that aims to connect with the audience on a deeper level, leaving a lasting impression on all who experience it.


It’s often about the instinctual response that the dancers would offer that creates the language that we are building together.
Jamaal Burkmar


Click on the video below to learn more about the creation process

I think we should start over by Candoco Dance Company, choreographed by Jamaal Burkmar (Extended Play Dance) in collaboration with the Dancers Maiya Leeke and Caroline Lofthouse. This performance is supported by Without Walls and commissioned by Brighton Festival.

Jamaal Burkmar
Main Dancers:
Maiya Leeke,
Caroline Lofthouse
Vanessa Abreu
Audio Describer:
Elaine Lillian Joseph (from SoundScribe)
Audio Description Consultancy:
Deaf Consultancy:
Camilla Greenwell
Poppy Payne


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