Professional class with Charlotte Darbyshire at Independent Dance

Photography by Fonteini Christophilopoulou, 2017

Take class with Charlotte Darbyshire and Candoco dancers at Independent Dance this June.

Charlotte Darbyshire, Candoco's Artistic Co-Director, will be leading morning class at Independent Dance week commencing 25th June. Morning class at Independent Dance is renowned for offering dancers the opportunity to focus on movement explorations that attend to what movement feels like, rather than imitating an ideal form, classes are accessible to all, including disabled artists.

We invite you to develop your professional practice alongside our artistic team.

Independent Dance morning classes are open on a drop-in basis. This means that admittance is on a first come, first served basis. There are four bookable places for those travelling from outside London or who have to arrange care for dependents and may not be able to arrive early during popular class periods. Find out more about the booking policy here.

  • Class date and time

  • 25-29 June, 10am-12pm
  • Address

  • Siobhan Davies Dance
  • 85 St George's Rd
  • London
  • SE1 6ER
  • Tel: 020 7091 9650