Outdoor and Non-Theatre

‘Studies for C’ by Javier de Frutos. (Photo by Benedict Johnson)

Candoco have a number of repertory pieces that can be performed in a variety of settings, from outdoor venues and festivals to non-traditional indoor spaces such as galleries and libraries, as well as in traditional theatre settings.

We are delighted to have commissioned Arlene Phillips CBE to collaborate with Candoco dancers, Joel Brown and Laura Patay, to create a new duet that seeks to play with and disrupt the structure of the traditional love duet. Drawing on dance genres as various as ballroom or the choreographed music video, the piece is set to be a potent and emotive exploration of how we fall in and out of love over and over again, often with the same person. The collaboration throws out the rule book and inspires audiences around who can dance and what dance can be.

Two for C is award-winning choreographer Javier de Frutos’ (Cabaret and The Most Incredible Thing) newest work for Candoco. Like de Frutos’ 2012 duet Studies for C, Two for C was also inspired by Tennessee Williams’ play Camino Realand explores a world in which a couple is trapped in a longstanding relationship, characterised by struggle and power play. Set to traditional Mexican Ranchera music, the performances take place in an intimate domestic world in which the use of Mexican wrestling masks suggests the deeper, darker forces at work.

Taking inspiration from from Tennessee Williams’ play Camino Real and Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot, Studies for C, depicts a couple trapped in a stagnating relationship, unable to escape the domestic world they inhabit because their reliance on each other has become so strong. Mexican wrestling masks and ranchera music by Lila Downs underpin the emotional powerplay of the dance. The costumes, designed by de Frutos, feature the writings of Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata, who famously said ‘I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees.’

Lea Anderson’s Miniatures is a futuristic nod to the Elizabethan era, playfully musing about what may have gone on ‘outside of the frame’ of traditional portraiture. It’s a charming and rigorous solo inspired by the V&A’s miniatures portrait collection, full of references to poses, dress and demeanour of the period. The resulting piece cleverly uses the modern day ‘frame’ of a TV screen, to lure audiences into a locked gaze with Candoco dancer Annie Hanauer, evoking questions around power and reality.

Our outdoor pieces have previously toured to:
Potters Field, London, UK
St Helens Library, Merseyside, UK
Live at LICA, Lancaster, UK
Platform33, Kings Place, UK
Pelourinho Festival, Salvador, Brazil
Greenwich & Docklands International Festival, London, UK
Hatfair, Winchester, UK
Mouth of Tyne Festival, Tynemouth, UK
Mintfest, Kendal, UK
Liberty Festival, London, UK
International Dance Symposium, University of Rouen, France
Viva Cité, Rouen, France – June 2014
Latitude Festival, Suffolk, UK
Stockton Festival, UK
Derby Fest, Derby, UK
Festival Oriente Occidente, Trentino, Italy

Production Details

  • Year: On-Going
  • Concept, Choreography & Direction: Various