AnnieVickySarah Take Space

Sarah Blanc, Vicky Malin, and Annie Hanauer. Photography by Matt Grayson, 2017

AnnieVickySarah Take Space is a project exploring inclusive practice through workshops, classes, and choreographic research initiated by Candoco Artists Annie Hanauer, Vicky Malin, and Sarah Blanc, happening at The Place throughout spring 2017.

The culmination of this activity will be an evening of new works-in-progress presented on 13th May 2017 at The Place theatre.

Vicky Malin worked with Candoco from 2008-2014. She performs with Exim Dance company in Plymouth and is working with young people at the Lyric Hammersmith Theatre to create an inclusive performance. She mentored the first inclusive performance company in Yerevan, Armenia from 2013-2015 and has been collaborating with choreographer Dinis Machado since 2014.

Sarah Blanc is an award-winning performer and choreographer based in London. She has worked across all areas of Candoco’s education programme since 2007, and is co-leader of the Candoco Youth Company at The Place. She is Artistic Director of Moxie Brawl, an all-female inclusive dance theatre company that has toured successfully since 2014.

Annie Hanauer worked with Candoco from 2008-2014. She is an independent performer, teacher and maker, currently working with Rachid Ouramdane and Emanuel Gat. She has also performed with Lea Anderson, Wendy Houstoun, and Boris Charmatz, and leads classes and workshops at home and abroad.


Using set material and improvisation, we will play with articulation and touch, aiming to find precision and freedom in our dancing. Come to sweat, explore and enjoy! Dancers with disabilities are welcome.

In this open level workshop, Annie will use structured improvisation to pull people and their stories together. The day will include a warm-up class and various creative tasks working with movement and voice.

Rigour, research and personal stories meet luscious movement, play and humour in this experimental night that celebrates individuality and new choreographic vision.

Production Details

  • Year: 2017
  • Concept, Choreography & Direction: Sarah Blanc, Annie Hanauer and Vicky Malin