Shrink'd Shrunk

Cando2 and The Place CAT performing at Flexer & Sandiland Anniversary Sharing

Restaging of Shrink'd by Yael Flexer.
A collaboration of Cando2, The Place CAT Scheme and Flexer & Sandiland.

"It was a very rich experience re-creating Shrink'd with the Cando2 dancers. This is such an intimate work performed in-the-round at close proximity to an audience work, and I felt the Cando2 performers brought a very personal and honest perspective to it, showing both vulnerability, ingenuity and pride in who they are as young people and as performers." Yael Flexer

"Based on Shrink’d (2005), the piece brings together Centre for Advanced Training Students and members of Cando2, Candoco’s Youth Dance Company. Shrink’d was originally a full-length quartet for four dancers, however as each youth group has over 10 participants sections that were originally solos or duets have become trios, quartets or full group unison. We have also modified the original choreography to allow young people’s own creative input, particularly in the second half (Cando2)." The Place Analysis

Biography of the original Shrink'd:

"Set in a tightly lit square surrounded by the audience, Shrink’d is a dance of extreme close ups. Bite size punchy movements are interlaced with secret messages and dedicated to unsuspecting members of the audience."

Extract from Flexer and Sandiland website:

Production Details

  • Year: 2013
  • Choreography: Yael Flexer
  • Restaging by: Luke Birch and Aya Kobyashi