Dew (Formally After Dusk)

Dew by Natalie Ayton, Sarah Blanc and Luke Pell, Photography by Rachel Cherry

This piece began as After Dusk (2009) as a site specific installation at The Place. The audience came in groups to walk round the dancers and sit and watch them move.

The piece was adapted for Siobhan Davies Studios, also as an installation piece where the audience could move around freely. The choreographers and dancers looked the spaces they were using and reacted to them.

The piece was adapted for touring and became Dew.

Premiered at The Clore Ballroom, Southbank Centre

Production Details

  • Year: 2010
  • Choreography: Natalie Ayton, Sarah Blanc and Luke Pell
  • Audio: A combination of Max Richter, such as The Blue Notebooks and Written On The Sky

Dedicated to Jessica Cooper:

"At that time, Cando2 were making After Dusk, which was to be an installation in the Founders Studio at The Place that year as part of Fresh.
After Dusk made you pause, asked you to remember...In that room it felt as if we were suspended in the twilight; catching traces of what had gone before; embodying memories and fading reflections.

After Dusk was dedicated to Jessie.
It meant an incredible amount to me to be able to perform in this piece in memory of a wonderful person, a special friend and a awe-inspiring dancer.
Jessie was a dear friend. We were on the one year Candoco Foundation Course together, so we all got to know each other pretty well during that time.
Jessie was a gorgeous human. It is impossible to forget her smile and her very mischievous laugh!
Jessie was a beautiful dancer and her love for movement absolutely shone through when you watched her.

Jessie passed away on 10 November 2009 just over a year after having a double lung transplant."

Kimberley Harvey, Candoco Artist