Tea With Flo And Lucy

Candoco Dance Company, July 19th, 2018
Flo returns with a brand new interview of Communications Manager Lucy Fox.

Today I introduce you to the woman behind any Candoco poster or promo you might have seen in the last three years, Candoco’s Communications Manager, Lucy Fox.

Q1: How do you like your tea?

A: I am not a tea connoisseur, I’ve only been drinking tea since I had Jack and had a cup of tea after he was born. For the first time ever I fancied one, it was just the most refreshing thing, comforting maybe! Since then, I’ve drunk tea!-How interesting. So, I just take it normal with a splash of milk.

Q2: What is the most stressful task you have had to do in this job recently?

A: It’s been quite stressful working out how we make sure that we are GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant. It was more not knowing what to do and exactly what it is but it’s been done for a few weeks now.

Q3: What is the most satisfying thing you have had to do recently?

A: It’s been great working on the Unspoken Spoken film distribution and creating some trailers, having all that ready to go knowing that we have a great film. It’s been really nice to get all that wrapped up and the film is finally out!!!

Q4: Savoury or sweet?

A: I think sweet. I do like a digestive biscuit when there’s some available on the communal table, or cake, don’t I? -I can confirm!

Q5: How long have you been doing your job?

A: I’ve been here since July 2015.

Q6: What is your favourite colour?

A: Black… If I could only wear one colour it would probably be black. -It isn’t technically a colour but I’ll let you off for this time!

Q7: If you could try out another role in the company, which one would you choose?

A: I would like to be a dancer for sure!

Q8: Television or Books?

A: Books.

Q9: 17 words explaining your role and what is takes to do it.

A: My role is to make Candoco famous by being bold, creative, daring, inventive, organised, collaborative, demanding, confident. -17 words, right on!

Q10: If you could be any dancer in any work ever done by Candoco, who would you be?

A: I really love Set and Reset/Reset so I think I would want to be any dancer in that piece. I just love the mood and the feel of it and would enjoy expressing the feeling that that piece evokes. -And you’re not the only one that shares this opinion!

Q11: What is your favourite season?

A: Spring and summer… - Spring into summer?

Q12: What did you enjoy doing the most this week?

A: Seeing Cando2 perform at the Tower of London. East Wall is such an incredible spectacle and project to be a part of. I was immensely proud of the dancers and Ellie, Jess, Sarah B and you (Flo) for making that happen.

Q13: What are three things people remember you for?

A: I don’t know if this is so much the case anymore but when I was at university, people would call me red shoes girl and I didn’t even know about it. So, I must have worn a lot of red shoes, I mean I still own about three pairs of them. -It clearly is your go-to shoe colour then!I think it’s because I subconsciously buy red shoes because I am obsessed with The Wizard of Oz. -That would explain it.

My UK garage playlist is quite famous as well. Whenever I go to a party and I am not impressed by the music, I somehow manage to take over the sound system and bring my playlist out! Once we were at a house party and there was a DJ in another room and I put on my garage playlist in a different room and brought all the crowds in. -You should be a DJ! I know. I actually dreamt last night that I was DJ-ing downstairs in our building but I couldn’t mix and I was panicking!

People also remember my rendition of the Artful Dodger’s song Consider Yourself. I did it at my friend’s wedding in my bridesmaid outfit… -It must have been rather iconic.

Q14: Christmas or your birthday?

A: Christmas probably. I think as you get older birthdays get less interesting. Christmas is taking over now that I have my little boy as it’s going to be very exciting for him!

Q15: Dancing at a ball or dancing the night away?

A: Dancing the night away, definitely!!!

Q16: Who do you work with the most at the office?

A: With you and with everyone really. Whoever needs me to speak about something they’re doing!

Q17: Can you speak any other languages?

A: “Oui, je parle français mais pas très souvent.” The other day my friend came from Paris and my French wasn’t great. I kept mixing it with Spanish, which I’ve learnt but not at the same level as French. I love Spanish though. I also speak a tiny bit of Italian, but they’re all really confusing and similar until I am in the country then I pick up bits. And a bit of German from school. I sometimes try to speak to my friend’s kids who live in Berlin, but they’re always better at English than I am at German. -That’s still impressive!

Thank you for tuning in, I hope you’re all enjoying the Great British Summer, and I will as usual come back soon to introduce you to another Candocan!

Until next time…

Flo x