Candoco Pro: Nicolas Vendange

Candoco Dance Company, November 18th, 2018
Photography: Camilla Greenwell, 2018

My Name is Nicolas Vendange but my friends call me Nico. I’m 28, and I was born in Saint Étienne, France. I have been dancing my whole life, even before I was born. In fact, my mother is a dance teacher so I grew up in a dance studio. At the age of 18, I had to choose between skateboarding and dancing. I chose dancing and started professional training for 3 years in Epsedanse, a school in Montpellier, France. Following my training I’ve been performing with various dance and theatre companies all around Europe.

In 2015 I moved to the UK with my partner and discovered the English culture, something I’ve always been dreaming of.

Outside of my dance career, I’m also a graffiti writer and a skateboarder, practices I've learnt by myself spending time on the streets of my hometown, and which are always complementary to my dance career.

How will you be preparing for the Strictly performance? Do you have any warm up techniques or superstitions before going on stage?

For the Strictly performance, my warm up might be a little different than what I usually do, I will find out on the day! But usually my routine starts with yoga, floor work and travel into space. For me the focus might also be working on my presence and the projection that is required for this specific show. I’m not superstitious but I always do 16 “relevés” before a show.