Candoco Pro: Laura Patay

Candoco Dance Company, November 18th, 2018
Photography: Camilla Greenwell, 2018

My name is Laura Patay, I'm 29, and I come from Lyon, France. I trained in ballet and contemporary at the conservatoire of Lyon, from which I graduated at the age of 18. Later on, I discovered hip-hop and added it to my training before joining Epsedanse, a professional dance school in Montpellier. There I met my partner and we started collaborating and creating duets, which we still continue to do. Straight after my graduation, I started to work for two French choreographers that I had been lucky enough to meet during my training. They generously invited me to their studio and we quickly started to collaborate.

What other dance styles have you trained in? Why did you choose to have a career in contemporary dance?

I trained in ballet, contemporary and hip-hop, but chose to have a career in contemporary dance because I really connected to it. I found all techniques complemented each other and very useful, but contemporary dance offered me the chance to be more curious, be surprised, and the possibility to be open minded. But also, as I started to meet and collaborate with some incredible contemporary dance artists, I wanted to continue working and learning from them.

It's a real pleasure to practice what I chose to do everyday. And when I have the time, I still take a hip-hop class just for fun (although I feel too old now compared to the new generation...)