Candoco Pro: Joel Brown

Candoco Dance Company, November 18th, 2018
Photography: Camilla Greenwell, 2018

My name is Joel Brown, I’m 29 and from Salt Lake City, Utah. I grew up dancing in my mother’s children’s dance studio and learning gymnastics from my father. As a teenager I would perform with my older brother, Graham, who is also a professional dancer and choreographer. So it’s in the family. However, I didn’t study dance, I studied music at the University of Utah and love to sing, play guitar, and write songs.

I started dancing full-time in 2012 with AXIS Dance Company and then I moved to London in 2015 to join Candoco Dance Company. Other than dancing and playing music, I enjoy reading books about history, race, religion, disability, geography, and human experience. You can often find me on the tube with a book or working out in the park.

You’ve worked with choreographer Arlene Phillips before, what does Arlene bring to Candoco, the studio and the piece? What do you enjoy most about working with Arlene?

I’m very excited I get to work with Arlene Phillips for a second time. When we worked together in 2016 I was very inspired by Arlene's energy, clarity of ideas, and ability to see the bigger picture of the piece and audiences we would be performing for. She is always positive, driven and really sees who she’s working with and how to bring the best out of them. She’s a wonderful advocate for dance and its value in the world, and I can’t wait to see how she will bring us together in this collaboration between Candoco and the Strictly Pros.