Photography by Ian Hughes 2013

To support your exploration of Candoco’s repertory, we have compiled extensive Teachers Notes alongside the choreographer, dancers and creative team of each work. These resources aim to support your visit to a Candoco show, providing context, practical tasks used during the creative process and further research suggestions. If you are interested in accessing these resources, please contact our Learning Producer,, to discuss your requirements.

We also offer a resource pack for schools and colleges, exploring Rafael Bonachela’s And Who Shall Go to the Ball? It is the only resource of this type from a company of disabled and non-disabled dancers and is therefore of value to all dance teachers and students.

This specially created resource offers teachers and students a detailed insight into the creation process and the work including production credits, design and key movement motifs.

The DVD includes:

- Two excellent filmed versions of the work, one a wide-angle version to see spatial patterns.
- A step-by-step guide to four specific sections of the work as choreographic tutorials.
- Shots of the set.
- Thoughts and principles of adaptation.

Accompanying the DVD, the Written Pack is made up of 3 key sections:

- Introduction to Candoco.
- About the Work.
- How To – choreographic tutorials making teaching the work straight forward for teachers