Online Publication 2015

Explore our new online publication; Candoco In Dialogue 2015, a workbook which draws together our key 2014/15 In Dialogue projects and events.

Our In Dialogue programme aims to advance the level and clarity of artistic and critical dialogue of work with or by disabled artists. The projects reach new audiences in a range of contexts through a series of live events, online documentation and bespoke projects.

The 2014/15 series was curated by Candoco Artist and independent Maker Luke Pell and three key projects were delivered in response to the sector; On Being an Artist, What Words Can Do, and a two day symposium – An Evolving Art Form, each contributing to the conversation from a variety of angles. This online publication (conceived and created by Luke Pell and Brian Hartley) draws together written reflections, poetry, film and imagery arising over the past year. Contributors include Marc Brew, Claire Cunningham, Caroline Bowditch, Rosemary Lee and many more.

“It is a workbook for thinking and doing. Full of words and images, questions, thoughts and provocations, with space to read, write or speak yourself in.”
Luke Pell (p. 15)

The publication has been designed to help you navigate the workbook with ease. Use the tool bar at the bottom of the issuu page to find your way around.

From 5 minutes with Caroline Bowditch ‘On Being An Artist’ to half an hour with Dr. R. Justin Hunt exploring the concept of ‘Wording Choreography’, this publication has been designed for you to dip into at your leisure. Enjoy.