Marianne Mogendorff

Photograph by Pedro Machado

I joined Candoco Dance Company in June 2015, after cutting my producing teeth at the National Theatre, Complicite and back at the beginning from hauling an ancient exercise bike on the train from London to Edinburgh and through the streets to the Underbelly…

If my three year old self – pink leotard clad, coated in hairspray and nervously waiting to take my first ballet exam – would have known that I would end up getting to ‘do dance’ for a living then I might have remembered to smile throughout my battement tendus. Dance was my first love and formed a big part of my teens but it was only after six months at Delfos Contemporary Dance School in Mexico that it was clear that I might be more effective enabling others to perform than on stage myself.

Only months into the role I am excited by the powerful potential of bringing diverse audiences together – whether watching Candoco in Athens or Scarborough, Glasgow or Armenia – and by the feeling of determination and collaboration with which the company continuously exudes.

Coming to work and fielding requests from every corner of the world for the company to perform means I have a complex schedule to grapple with and am constantly trying to balance the creative possibilities with the pragmatic considerations for each project – whilst keeping an eye on the bottom line too!

This year, I have loved watching Sylvie Guillem’s Life in Progress, Islington Community Theatre’s, Brainstorm at the National Theatre, Candoco’s performance of Jerome Bel’s The Show Must Go On at Sadlers Wells and A View From The Bridge at The Young Vic.