Floriane Laroche

Since the day I was born, I was always full of energy and could never stand still. I started dancing at the age of four in a local dance company in the Département of Haute-Savoie where I am from. I spent eight years there before joining a theatre company called Les P’tits Brûlins.

I always knew that the performing arts were something I wanted to be involved with permanently so I studied film-making alongside my French Baccalaureate which included Economics, Social Sciences, History and Philosophy. After obtaining my diploma, seventeen-year-old me moved to England to study Theatre and Performance at the University of Surrey, where we challenge the understanding of what performing arts can be, and push the boundaries of performance.

I have now completed my second year at university and am thrilled to join Candoco for my placement year. Arts have always been used to challenge society’s comprehension of the world and are - in my opinion - a necessary and effective way of communicating our shared values. Inclusive practice is really important to me as I believe that everyone is capable of doing anything, and that difference is a strength which opens up an unlimited number of possibilities.