Where are Candoco touring to next?
Candoco is touring extensively in the UK and internationally. To find out where we will be performing next, visit our Events Page.

Can I speak to someone about my dissertation/coursework?
Here at Candoco, we get hundreds of enquiries from people wanting to ask us questions. We will do our best with these, but please help us to help you! Please check the website for answers to your queries before contacting us. You can also find out more about inclusive dance practice from People Dancing.

Do you have a mailing list?
Yes! Please sign up here.

Do you run classes or workshops?
We run two Youth Dance Sessions in London each week during term times. We also run a workshop programme with various venues whenever we tour nationally and deliver bespoke education work all over the world. Please have a look at the Learning section of the website to find out more information on each of these areas of activity or contact:
Candoco Dance Company
2T Leroy House
436 Essex Road
London N1 3QP
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7704 6845
Fax: +44 (0)20 7704 1645
E-mail: learning@candoco.co.uk

Are there any videos of the work I can see?
There is a full range of video documentation about Candoco. You can visit our Productions page, our YouTube Channel or our Vimeo site to view promo and insight videos of current and past productions.

Are there any vacancies?
Please see our Current Vacancies page.

Are there any opportunities for work experience?
We get many enquiries from people wanting to work with us and unfortunately cannot say yes to them all.
However, we do accept work experience placements, particularly if there is a clear benefit to the participant. If you are interested, please send an email to info@candoco.co.uk or post a letter to

Candoco Dance Company
2T Leroy House
436 Essex Road
London N1 3QP

and clearly explain why you wish to do work experience, what you want to get from it and when and for how long you would like to do it

How is the company financed?
We are a Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation (NPO).
Additional income is raised by fees, commissions, commercial work, donations from generous individuals and from trusts and foundations. Please see our Support Us about how you can support our activity and get involved with the company.

When was the company established?